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The New Media Farm is a Web Design Agency, providing cutting-edge web designs that apply sophisticated techniques to empower companies in Porthcawl to achieve their goals. Our creative and experienced team of developers, designers and digital strategists specialize in creating high-impact websites that precisely target our clients their individual requirements.

The New Media Farm is a Web Design Agency, providing cutting-edge web designs that apply sophisticated techniques to empower companies in Porthcawl to achieve their goals. Our creative and experienced team of developers, designers and digital strategists specialise in creating high-impact websites that precisely target our clients their individual requirements.

At the New Media Farm, we strive to create a user experience that everyone can resist. Our Web Designers meticulously design each page using thoughtful designs and interactive elements for maximum impact. We ensure that our users are attracted by the site’s immediately. We also use various latest technologies which helps us keep current with ever-changing fashions in the Web Design industry while still providing outstanding services.

We understand how important Web Design in Porthcawl is much more than just aesthetically pleasing pages. It’s an essential element of any company’s growth. We provide extensive Web Development Services in Porthcawl that include SEO optimization as well as creating content so that your website will be at its peak performance level at all times. We insist on designing custom websites tailored specifically to every client’s requirements so that they can take advantage of all the benefits Porthcawl Web Design has to provide them.

We are The New Media Farm Web Design Agency We are committed in helping clients succeed in the world wide web by providing innovative Web Design Solutions for businesses located in Porthcawl and its surrounding regions. We genuinely believe that great Web Designs are accessible to all regardless of size or budget, and that is why we offer our high quality services with highly competitive rates to everyone! So if you are seeking a company that specialises in Web Design in Porthcawl then look no further than The New Media Farm.

Our services take your brand and transform it into a whole lot more appealing

New Media Farm New Media Farm, we have a clear mission: to create your brand’s image and make it a whole lot better. We are experts with web development and design as well as site design as well as WordPress agencies in the Porthcawl area. Our web designers are experienced and work hard to create websites that not only looks stunning but performs flawlessly as well. We are dedicated to creating web experiences that are beautiful, user-friendly, and engaging for users.

We start by understanding exactly the requirements of your business and then we build your website from the ground starting with the most up-to-date web development techniques. Our websites are designed with a keen eye on clarity and user-friendliness, making sure that your visitors are able to find the information they need without being overwhelmed by numerous information or options. With our web design services you’ll get a simple-to-use site that is optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

Our web designers ensure that your site is compatible with all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer to allow users to view your website on any device or platform. We also use responsive design techniques so that your website can be automatically optimized to fit the device’s screen size. Additionally, we make sure your website is secure using SSL encryption so you can be sure that transactions are safe and secure.

We at New Media Farm we take your brand seriously , regardless of how large or small – and strive to make it even better than it already was!

Porthcawl Website Design For Tradesmen

As a tradesperson web presence is essential to the growth of your company. A well-designed website can assist you to build relationships with potential clients and showcase your offerings, and establish trust in my company by allowing online reviews and improved reputation management on the internet. With a beautiful, user-friendly design, we are capable of providing customers with an easy method to gain information on Tradeepeoples companies and the services they offer.

By including photos and other visuals on a website for traders Tradesmen can also use the website to showcase the high-quality of their workmanship. Additionally, a website for Tradesmen makes it easier for customers to get in touch quickly and conveniently. Thanks to our New Media Farm’s web design services, we’re in a position to design websites for Tradesmen that allow them to stand out from the competition and get in touch with more customers.

Tradesmen can benefit from having a stunning website that is designed to reflect their company’s message and gives customers all the details they require when making a decision about the right person to work with for their project needs.


We have the experience for ensuring that your website design is optimized to SEO and give you the greatest chance for your website to rank on the first page in Search Engines, whilst also offering a pleasant user experience. We are proud to be one of the best websites and SEO firms within Porthcawl, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals. Contact us now to discuss your needs for web design and the solutions you get.

Being a Web Design company, New Media Farm understands the importance of SEO is to any website. As a highly experienced web design firm along with a WordPress expert, we provide our clients the highest standard of web design that will ensure maximum exposure in search engine results page (SERPs). Our skilled web designers are skilled in creating websites that are optimised for SERPs, assisting your webpage rank higher and getting more attention, which leads to more clicks and conversions. Not only do we understand the web design process but also offers an understanding of how Google works as well as how to apply it successfully for better SEO rankings. We are experts in website design as well as SEO within Porthcawl and beyond.

Do you think that a high-quality website on Porthcawl has to be expensive?

We at The New Media Farm, we don’t believe that it does. We are pleased to provide web design services, paired with sound digital marketing practices with a reasonable cost. Our team of skilled developers and designers bring their technical expertise together with creative ideas to design exceptional websites without breaking the bank. From simple service sites to elaborate ecommerce designs We are able to deliver high-quality results that can elevate your web presence to next level. Our team of experts will ensure that all projects are managed and efficiently delivered – from wireframing designs through to testing for customer experience. This means you’ll have peace of peace of mind knowing that your website is designed to be successful right from the start. With The New Media Farm, you will have a stunning site that doesn’t cost earth.

If you’re searching for a website design company who offer professional solutions in London that combines technical expertise with creative flair and cost-effective solutions, look no further than The New Media Farm. Contact us today and allow us to help you design your perfect website that looks stunning and provides a fantastic user experience and doesn’t be a burden on your budget. Call us on 0207 998 4197 or email to find out more about our services. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We are a digital agency creating outstanding user experiences that deliver results from initial strategy to creation.

Our diverse team of specialists see things differently, fancy working with us? Get in touch by following the button below and let’s get started.

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