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Video Production *echo*

Our talented team of video production specialists and video editors will help to increase your business’ profile with the perfect visual solution for your company based in *echo*

Our talented team of video production specialists and video editors will help to increase your business’ profile with the perfect visual solution for your company based in *echo*

Corporations must develop a strong communications strategy to present their business in the best light possible. Video marketing should now be a core component of this strategy as it is the most effective way to communicate with consumers and other stakeholders.

The New Media Farm can help your company implement your communications strategy by creating broadcast-quality corporate videos. We are a leading producer of commercial and corporate videos in *echo*, having helped multiple companies in the local area over the years.

Our talented team of producers, directors, writers, editors, and videographers will help you increase your business’ profile with a world class corporate video— attracting more investment and improving brand awareness. We are a leading provider of:

Staff and client testimonial videos *echo*
We often produce high quality testimonial videos, which companies use on their social media channels and websites. These videos are a compelling way to convince consumers and other businesses to engage with your company.

Product explainer videos *echo*
The simplest way to explain how a product work is to watch a video. Your customers will love our product explanation videos.

Internal training videos *echo*
Training videos can help you dramatically cut down on training expenses and ensure that employees are receiving all of the information they require.

Case studies *echo*
Video case studies are a very effective way to help people understand how successful your business is and how you approach new projects.

Recruitment videos *echo*
Attracting the best employees can be difficult in a competitive labour market. Having high-quality recruitment videos will give your company the edge, helping you attract extremely talented workers.

We also produce project documentaries, thought leadership videos, executive interviews, showreels, and corporate meeting videos.

Each project is planned and executed by skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry. They will produce a corporate video which exceeds your expectations, both in terms of its professional appearance and the outcome it achieves.

If you’d like to make an enquiry regarding our corporate video services in *echo*, give us a call today on 0208 524 2815.

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Video Production *echo*

Video Production *echo*

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for creating exceptional video productions in *echo* due to our solid work ethic, reliability, and professionalism. Our team knows how to make world class videos and are committed to helping our many clients complete video production projects they can be proud of.

We have a diverse client roster including businesses, government bodies, charitable organisations and individuals from in-and-around *echo*. Our video production team creates many types of videos for these clients, including:

  • Advertisements
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer or Client Testimonials
  • Brand Awareness Videos
  • Sales Meeting Videos
  • Product or Service Launch Videos
  • Internal Marketing Videos
  • Product Operation & User Guide Videos
  • Technology Demonstration Videos (Like our work for Smart Clockin)

Why Should You Use Our Video Production Services?

If a picture is a thousand words, a video is a thousand pictures. Well-produced video footage is much more compelling than other forms of media. You are more likely to achieve the objectives you have in mind, be they selling more products or raising awareness of a social cause. Promoting a business using video marketing is particularly effective and will take your enterprise to the next level.

Our company has the right combination of skills, talent, and equipment to make an effective video for your business or organisation. We are a successful provider of video production services in *echo* due to our experience, skills, and professionalism.

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Corporate Showreels *echo*

Corporate Showreels *echo*

A corporate showreel is one of the most effective ways to showcase the products and services that your company provides. It can also be used to highlight the capabilities of your employees and equipment to prospective clients.

If you are interested in obtaining a corporate showreel, talk to New Media Farm. We are a full service creator of corporate showreels in *echo* and the surrounding areas. Our talented team of professional producers, directors, writers, editors, and videographers will create a corporate showreel that is highly effective and represents your company in the best light possible.

Our company has worked with many corporate clients in *echo* and the surrounding areas, helping them promote their company with world-class promotional materials. We will help you take your business to the next level by introducing it to consumers, business partners and investors in a professional manner.

Why Does Your *echo* Business Need A Corporate Showreel?

Video is a useful marketing tool that conveys ideas, emotions, and information very effectively. A corporate showreel will help consumers, business partners, and other stakeholders understand what your company has achieved so far. Showreels can also include information about upcoming projects and to help viewers understand the core values of your enterprise.

Once your business has a corporate showreel, it can be shared on websites, in social media, or in a physical format. A professional showreel will help your business succeed and take it to the next level.

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Video Editor *echo*

Video Editor *echo*

We can take raw video footage that your business or organisation has recorded and transform it into a professional broadcast-ready video.

We are seen as one of the leading video editing companies in *echo*, and have established this reputation by consistently providing video editing services that are creative, professional, reliable, and affordable.

We have a wide range of clients in *echo* and the surrounding area including schools, businesses, private individuals, charitable organisations, tradesmen and government agencies. Regardless of the client and the size of the project, we always bring the same level of attention to detail and professionalism to all video editing projects.

Our producers and editors work closely with all clients to ensure that the finished product exceeds expectations

Some of the video editing projects in London that we regularly undertake include:

  • Editing promotional videos for small or large businesses
  • Editing product instructional videos
  • Editing videos of events including general meetings, school ceremonies, concerts, birthday parties, and weddings
  • Editing advertisements
  • Editing internal training videos for businesses

Why Should Videos Always Be Professionally Edited?

Having your video footage professionally edited will ensure that the finished video looks and sounds as good as possible. Our video production team is the best in the business and will create a video of exceptional quality.

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Corporate Interviews *echo*

Corporate Interviews *echo*

New Media Farm is an innovative media company providing corporate video interviews in *echo*. Our team of skilled producers, directors, writers, editors, and videographers have vast experience at creating professional-quality videos for clients in *echo*. We always deliver recorded interviews of the highest quality at an affordable price. The services we offer include:

Client testimonials videos *echo*

Client testimonials are an excellent way to share positive reviews of your business’ performance. Our team will help you create client testimonials that are compelling and highly effective. These high-quality recorded testimonials will help your business obtain new clients and grow in the coming years.

Employees testimonial videos *echo*

Employee testimonials can be very useful for businesses actively looking to attract talented new employees. They help job seekers learn more about your company and what it has to offer its employees.

Job seeker interview videos London

Our team can help you record interviews with job seekers. Once the interview is recorded, you will be able to review each video to further assess their capabilities and personal attributes. Recording job seeker interviews also allows you to share the video with other stakeholders within your organisation.

Management interview videos *echo*

Management interview videos are a fantastic way to inform stakeholders of any recent developments within your organisation. Our team often records interviews with corporate leaders who discuss for their company and the latest news. These videos are useful for promoting the company and informing stakeholders of important new events. Management interview videos can also be used internally, if you wish to talk directly to employees within the business.

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Advertising & PR Firms *echo*

Advertising & PR Firms *echo*

Are you an advertising or public relations firm looking for a professional, cost-effective and reliable media company? Look no further.

We are a full service, creative boutique agency serving multiple advertising and PR firms in *echo* and the surrounding areas. Our company works with a wide variety of businesses all over the UK, producing professional work of exceptional quality.

Our company employs highly experienced producers, directors, writers, web designers, animators, editors, and videographers. Their incredible creativity and talent help us ensure that all clients receive professional work that enhances their brand.

We can produce television commercials, social media videos, interviews, promotional videos, vox-pops, event coverage videos, and corporate videos for advertising and PR firms across the whole of the UK. Our vast experience working for advertising and PR firms helps us manage our workload and always deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

New Farm Media is a one-stop shop for all media services, including videography, photography, branding, web design, video production, and video editing. We can take a project from its initial concept through to completion thanks to our large network of media professionals. They are creative, skilled and have exceptional attention to detail — which guarantees high quality work every time.

Another benefit of working with a one-stop-shop is that we can handle all aspects of a PR campaign’s implementation. We will ensure that your client’s social media videos, website, print advertisements, and other materials form a fully integrated marketing campaign.

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Motion Graphics *echo*

Motion Graphics *echo*

Motion graphics are a very effective way to communicate ideas, brands, or information to an audience. They are particularly useful when you are looking for an entertaining and creative solution that engages viewers and prompts them into action.

Our talented artists are highly experienced at creating 2D and 3D animations, visual FX, advanced compositing, and motion graphics. We have produced many attractive and highly effective motion graphics videos for our clients in and around London including various businesses, schools and charities.

All of the videos we create have a unique design style that is perfectly matched to the organisation’s branding. We will ensure that your motion graphics video works in the context of your organisation’s overall marketing strategy. Our motion graphics projects are broadcast quality and suitable for all platforms, including television, cinema, and Internet.

Why Use Motion Graphics?

Can be used in many ways

A well made motion graphics video can be much more attention-grabbing than a traditional video. Most viewers find motion graphics entertaining to watch and it is often easier to tell an emotional story using this medium.

Motion graphics are engaging

A well made motion graphics video can be much more attention-grabbing than a traditional video. Most viewers find motion graphics entertaining to watch and it is often easier to tell an emotional story using this medium.

A great way to communicate information

Most people find it easier to understand information when it is presented in conjunction with motion graphics. The presence of illustrations help the human mind comprehend what is being presented. This makes motion graphics a great choice for data visualisation, tutorials, public service announcements, process explanations, and abstract concepts.

They can be repurposed easily

In addition to being made into a video, motions graphics can be cut up still image segments and made into other forms of media. That means you can share the information from a stop motion video as an eBook, promotional pamphlet or online image gallery.

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Event Filming *echo*

Event Filming *echo*

If an event is worth promoting, it is worth filming! Our event filming services allow you to record your organisation’s seminars, meetings, parties, concerts, interviews, and other events. This is a fantastic way to commemorate an event or to share the event with other people who could not attend.

We provide specialist event filming in London and the surrounding area, helping schools, churches, businesses, charities, government bodies and other organisations record their events. We can provide full event coverage and present the footage for live broadcast or edit the footage for distribution at a later date.

Our talented producers and directors will ensure that the important moments at your event are captured. They have the right combination of creativity, experience, and technical skills to produce footage of exceptional quality. All live events are filmed using our state-of-the-art recording equipment, which delivers a finished product that looks visually stunning and sounds fantastic.

We can also create promotional videos which can be used to increase awareness of your event. This includes advertisements, personal invitations, event previews, and other promotional material.

The types of event filming in London that we offer include:

  • Annual general meetings
  • Product launches
  • Live interviews
  • News events
  • Family celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, and weddings

We offer the choice of both single camera event recording and multi-camera event recording with live event video switching. Other options include camera crane/jib coverage, steadicam coverage, large screen or multi-screen projections, creative presentations, live satellite link-up, Internet streaming, and Dolby recording.

Once the footage from your live event is recorded, we can edit it for you to make a more concise video that is ready for distribution. We will edit the footage according to your exact brief, giving you a finished product that perfectly matches your requirements.

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Training & Product Demos *echo*

Training & Product Demos *echo*

Video is the perfect format for presenting training material and product demonstrations. It is a highly engaging medium that maintains the viewer’s attention, making it simple to convey useful information in a compelling way.

Here at NMF we can help you to create a professional training and product demonstration video that will re-invigorate your communications strategy. Our team of talented professionals have the creative insight and technical know-how to deliver the right solution to your organisation — delivering an incredible outcome at an affordable price.

Here are just a few of the different training and product demo videos our company can provide:

Safety training videos *echo*

Maintaining a safe workplace is crucial. New Media Farm can record custom safety videos that can be shown to staff on induction or intermittently as a reminder of any safety concerns. We can create safety videos that are entertaining, informative, and creative — ensuring that all employees fully understand the safety messages being conveyed.

Staff induction videos *echo*

The process of inducting new employees can be very time consuming. Why not use induction videos to get them up speed more efficiently? We can create engaging induction videos that give your new employee all of the information they need to know when commencing their role and help them learn more about your business in general.

Equipment training videos

Learning to use new equipment can be a time consuming process, particularly if someone is attempting to do so via an instruction manual. This process can be dramatically sped up by creating equipment training videos that give employees all of the information they need to know.

Product demonstrations *echo*

Product demonstration videos are a fantastic way to showcase the features and capabilities of your products. Potential buyers can watch a short video to learn how easy it is to use your product and discover its many innovative features. Product demonstration videos can be targeted at a specific market niche and distributed through multiple media channels.

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Interactive & Viral Videos | Social Media Content *echo*

Interactive & Viral Videos | Social Media Content *echo*

The Internet has completely transformed how video content is consumed and shared by people. Creative videos can “go viral” online, attracting millions of views on various video distribution platforms and social media.

We can help your organisation or business harness this phenomena — creating entertaining interactive or viral videos that reach thousands of people. Using video in this way can greatly improve brand awareness and make the general public notice your products or services.

Our talented team of media professionals can create interactive and viral content using various video formats. We will use the appropriate technology for the platforms you are interested in targeting, then help you distribute your viral content effectively.

In addition to making viral content, we can produce content specifically tailored for different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This includes blog-style product reviews, like our work for Garbanzo Chick Peas. This kind of content uses real-world YouTube users and high profile social media “influencers” to increase brand awareness.

We can orchestrate all aspects of your social media campaigns — identifying individuals who are ideal for promoting your brand, building relationships, writing scripts, recording the content, and distributing the finished product via social media.

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Branding Documentaries *echo*

Branding Documentaries *echo*

Branded documentaries use an artistic storytelling approach to share the experiences of customers that use your company’s products or services. They tell your company’s story indirectly, focussing on the people who use the product or service instead of the company itself.

Branding documentaries can also focus on the employees working for your organisation, as shown in this short branding documentary focusing on lokkhipur primary school. The school’s mission is clearly explained through the experiences of teachers and pupils.

The “Heart of the Factory” is another example of a successful branding documentary. It focuses on the experiences of Rosy, a worker in a clothing factory who loves her job. This video demonstrates that the company has dedicated employees who are enthusiastic about their work. It also shows that the employment opportunities that the company delivers help the local community flourish.

Branding documentaries use the documentary format to deliver powerful testimonials. Using this format to convey testimonials makes them even more compelling, with each participant sharing deeply personal stories which are somehow related to your organisation. Each story is honest and authentic, which makes the format very persuasive and engaging.

If you are interested in using branding documentaries to promote your business or organisation, contact New Media Farm today. We are the leading provider of branding documentaries in *echo* thanks to our highly talented team of producers, directors, writers, editors, and videographers.

We will produce a branding documentary for your organisation that is unique, compelling, and exciting to watch. It will be carefully crafted to match the core messages that you wish to covey to your audience. We can also help you share your branding documentary online and maximise its exposure.

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Why Choose The New Media Farm?

Why Choose The New Media Farm?

We are enthusiastic and energetic media company that is committed to producing work of extremely high quality. Our video production skills will help to take your company to the next level and fulfils an important part of your marketing strategy.


Get in touch today and we will answer all your questions and help get you started.

Specialist Services

We are a full service Agency and can source Actors and Extras, directors and scriptwriters through our extensive contacts in the industry. Plus special equipment for your particular needs. This can range from drone cameras for aerial filming to top of the range camera’s for high end projects.

Specialist Services

We are a full service Agency and can source Actors and Extras, directors and scriptwriters through our extensive contacts in the industry. Plus special equipment for your particular needs. This can range from drone cameras for aerial filming to top of the range camera’s for high end projects.

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