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The New Media Farm is a Web Design Company, offering an experienced and creative method of Web Design for businesses throughout Chertsey its surrounding areas. As a Web Design Company, we understand that our clients come from all kinds of backgrounds; from small start-ups seeking to bring their business online, to large corporations seeking to enhance their current digital presence.

We strive to provide each client with Web Design services tailored towards their particular needs, and focusing on creating impactful websites that address their needs exactly.

Our team is made up of Web Designers and Web Developers, as well as Digital Strategists who are dedicated to offering innovative solutions for companies to improve the visibility of their websites. In addition, we also have over two decades worth of experience in other related fields like Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy and Advertising Campaigns – all of which aid in assisting companies in achieving amazing results and quantifiable success.

We’re proud of being in a position to provide Web Design services in Chertsey that are in perfect alignment with the expectations of our clients and stay up to date with the most recent trends. Our goal is always to provide engaging user experiences through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, superior design concepts, stunning images and seamless performance. We believe that having a website designed by us will allow you to improve your communication with customers both locally and internationally.

The New Media Farm The New Media Farm, we strive to go above and beyond in everything we do – ensuring our clients of Chertsey receive the best possible service each step of the process. As a dedicated Web Design agency covering Chertsey and the area around it You can count on us with taking your project from concept through its completion with respect and dignity.

Our services take your brand’s image and transform it into a whole lot better

New Media Farm New Media Farm, we have a clear mission to help you take your brand and make it a whole lot better. We specialise in web design, web design, and WordPress agencies within the Chertsey area. Our web designers are experienced and are dedicated to creating websites that not only is beautiful but also functions flawlessly as well. We’re dedicated to creating web experiences that are attractive, intuitive and enjoyable for visitors.

We start by understanding exactly what your brand needs and then we build your web presence from the ground up using the latest web development techniques. Our websites are created with a focus on precision and ease of use, so that users can get the information they need without being overwhelmed by numerous information or alternatives. With our web design services we provide a user-friendly website that’s optimised for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

Our web designers also ensure that your site is compatible with the major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer so people can view your website from every device and platform. We also utilize techniques for responsive design to ensure that your website is automatically optimized to fit the device’s screen size. Additionally, we make sure your site is secured with SSL encryption, so that you can be sure that transactions are safe and secure.

We at New Media Farm we take your brand seriously – regardless of how big or small We work to make it more effective than it already is!

Websites For Kitchen Designers In Chertsey

We at The New Media Farm, we know that Kitchen Designers need a website to display their products and services to their clients. Our web designers are experienced and have the technical expertise to design websites made especially to Kitchen Designers. From modern ecommerce platforms with integrated catalogues of products to sleek portfolio pages showcasing your designs, we can provide custom solutions based on your needs.

We employ responsive design methods to ensure you can ensure that the Kitchen Designer website looks great no matter what device it’s viewed on, be it a desktop or tablet, or even a mobile phone. Our team of experts also recognize the importance to have Kitchen Designers’ websites to be optimised for search engine rankings and we ensure that all our designs incorporate this into their structure. We will strive to create an appealing as well as user-friendly Kitchen Designer website that will aid your business in standing apart from your competitors. Get in touch with The New Media Farm today to discover more.


We have the experience to ensure that our designs are optimized for SEO and give you the greatest chance to have your site rank on the first page in Search Engines, whilst also offering a pleasant user experience. We are pleased to be among the best web design and SEO firms within Chertsey, and we hope to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to discuss your web design requirements and the solutions you achieve your goals.

Being a Web Design company, New Media Farm understands just how important SEO is for every website. As an experienced website design company and WordPress specialist, we provide our clients the highest standard of web design to ensure maximum visibility to search engine result webpages (SERPs). Our web designers are skilled in designing websites that are optimized for SERPs, assisting your webpage rank higher and getting more attention, which leads to increased clicks and conversions. We are not just aware of what works with web design but we also offer an understanding of how Google works in order to help you use it effectively to improve your SEO rankings. We are highly skilled in designing websites and SEO for Chertsey and beyond.

How much does a Web Design in Chertsey cost?

The price of a web designing project London is a subject that can be very different, depending on your specific requirements. We at The New Media Farm we strive to be as transparent as we can to our clients and give them accurate estimates to avoid surprises at the conclusion your project.

We provide customised packages based on each client’s needs, taking into consideration the size of the website and the amount of features required and the level of design required and any other services needed, such as maintenance or hosting.

Should you wish to learn the details about our website design rates applicable to projects located in London contact us today and one of our Team members will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you an estimate that is specific to your needs.

The New Media Farm The New Media Farm, we recognize that every company has its own unique budget and requirements. That’s why we offer flexible payment options that ensure that the process of designing your website is as stress free as possible. You can choose to fund a project in its entirety or split it into smaller instalments with our monthly instalment plans, our New Media Farm allows you the time to concentrate on getting your site up and running, without worrying about the financial side.

If you’d like more information on pricing for web design projects in London, contact us today by phone at 0207 998 4197 or email us at to find out how we can help bring your project to life! We’re eager to hear from you.

We are a digital agency creating outstanding user experiences that deliver results from initial strategy to creation.

Our diverse team of specialists see things differently, fancy working with us? Get in touch by following the button below and let’s get started.

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