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Regency Rags Fabric Store

The Brief

Regency Rags are a huge fabric distribution company located in East London supplying customers globally. They had an eBay store, a website and a logo, but they were in desperate need of re-branding. Their online shop was broken causing a small amount of traffic and sales via their website and left customers confiding in their eBay store instead. Our task was to create a new, professional looking logo with a website to match. They were looking for a stronger visual presence to draw their customer base away from eBay and over to their actual website.

The Challenge

100% of their online customer base and sales were made on their eBay store. Our challenge was to bring their customers away from eBay and its astronomical charges and onto the actual Regency Rags website. We needed to start from scratch and create a strong recognisable brand with an easy, user friendly shop interface. It was also important that even though they were spread across two different markets, products and listings were updated on as well as on their eBay store. We also need to create some interesting promotional material that would help to increase their customer base, boost sales and strengthen the brand.

What We Achieved

We created a professional new looking website, logo and brand that accurately represent the essence of their company. We also designed promotional material that can be placed in every shipment, incentivising customers to purchase from We also made sure that there was seamless syncing of product information on their eBay store and their website. Currently we manage their Facebook page, dealing with any customer service queries and uploading promotional material and offers that we’ve designed to help maintain an engaged Twitter and Facebook following.
We are constantly generating new and exciting means of promotion and to improve our skills. Every time we get better, our customers get even better service. And we never sell one size fits all packages, but rather fine tune each promotion to our customers specific needs. So, give us at New Media Farm call and discover what we can do for you.

Take a Look

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Visit their Facebook page here: Regency Rags Facebook

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