Responsive Web Design

Mobile traffic is setting off, and the changes throughout the recent years has proven to be globally massive with an incessant expansion in mobile traffic for all of our customers. Every website has seen more and more mobile visits on a monthly basis; and this is set to continue further with the wider expansion of iPhones, Smartphone’s and Tablets.

Whilst mobile traffic continues to grow, it is important that websites are successful in offering maximum usability for mobile visitors. Browsing a full website on a mobile device should be experienced contentedly, clearly and optimised for the device you’re using. Full layouts often look unappealing which often translates to a viewer switching off and moving on to another website.

Optimising for mobile

We design websites for both desktop and mobile users.

The appearance of your website on a mobile device is not the only issue. In early 2015, Google began rolling out a new mobile search algorithm which began to penalise non friendly mobile website when users were searching Google on mobile devices. Mobile traffic now counts for up to 50% of all internet traffic. This figure increases with users between the ages of 18-24.

We design websites which make it easy for visitors to browse your site on a mobile device. The layout and product browsing practice is fit for purpose on a mobile device to offer outstanding use on each individual one. Our expertise and experience insures that the right content is placed in front of the user and navigation and information is presented easily. This determines the effectiveness and result of a site serving all users on any device.

Mobile optimisation checklist

  • Automatically switched to mobile devices
  • Bespoke lay out for improved mobile usability
  • Mobile only plugins and apps
  • Contact forms and call to actions to encourage mobile conversions
  • Full support for iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Tablets
  • Optimising a website for a mobile device takes care and expertise in order to produce optimum user experience. We have built numerous websites which have been beautifully designed, are dynamic, efficient and mobile responsive

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