Start with a great promotion and let your customers spread it around

Mobile marketing is the undeniable new phase in global marketing. Any of your promotions with the M-Media Farm will be transformed into a powerful viral marketing campaign by utilising our bespoke alert and notification platform.

Similar to sms, our alerts will appear on your users phones and can even be stored in a bespoke inbox for future use. But unlike sms, the cost is negligible as even at extremely high volumes there’s still a huge cost involved for sending bulk sms.

How m-media farm products harness the power of alert marketing to make your campaigns go viral

Unlike sms, sending your customers alerts or notifications will mean that you can deploy a campaign to any mobile phone in any country without needing to worry about different prices and the compatibility issues with international network operators.

Even if you simply wish to increase brand awareness locally, for example, unleash a campaign allowing customers to share your promo code or discount vouchers, you can do this through our alert marketing and in a short time, it could carry through to not only the US, but AUS, South Africa, and the far reaches of the global market.

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