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Another way M-Media Farm makes saving money easy for your customers is with M-coupons. Similar to online coupons, all they do is text in a code (for instance your business name) to receive an SMS coupon, or mobile coupon back to their phone within seconds.

Add impetus to your marketing campaigns with m-coupons and mobile loyalty cards

No more digging through the handbag to find that coupon they cut from the paper. It’s right there on the phone. You can integrate mobile coupons with any existing campaign or loyalty card to increase redemption rates. If you own a beauty salon, for example, and have an advertisement in the local newspaper, add an m-coupon code for 10% off your customers’ next visit. They simply text in the code and an instant mobile coupon will be sent to their phone. When they come in, your coupon is on their phone, ready to redeem.

M-Coupons can be used in place of store coupons, beauty coupons, loyalty cards, store cards, and more. Plus, when shoppers have your coupon on their phone, instead of forgotten in a desk somewhere, it serves as a little reminder to come in to your store.

Virtually any discount coupon campaign you put into action will be enhanced by using M-coupons. You will build a base of satisfied, loyal customers who appreciate saving money without the annoyance of paper coupons or having to carry around yet another environmentally unfriendly plastic store cards.

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