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Position your business to take advantage of this trend by making your products and services readily accessible to a mobile society. M-Media Farm products will help you develop close customer relationships and keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base by tracking buying trends and offering timely discounts.

Mobile marketing growth

Push your business forward into a mobile, global market, and build brand recognition and acclaim with the help of innovative products from M-Media Farm.

A recent survey of young consumers reported that 78 percent would make purchases from their mobile phones if a product they wanted was available. Mobile commerce is obviously here to stay. In addition to the advantages afforded your business through our mobile coupon and mobile payment programs, an exciting new application called Quantifiable Promotional Media has been developed.

QPM gives you the means to execute promotions and track detailed data derived from them, down to information about the outlet, day and time, and the store rep who handled the transaction, all through a promotional code on your customer’s mobile phone. This quick and cost effective system enables you to plan an effectual strategy for future campaigns. Your buyers will appreciate the ease and flexibility of making purchases from their mobile phones and PDAs and your business will benefit with lower distribution costs and operating expenses. Execute marketing campaigns quickly and see immediate results when you use wireless coupons and loyalty cards.

Your customers can get coveted event tickets up to the last minute, and you can track attendance easily with data provided when they make the purchase. Give buyers peace of mind, knowing their mobile purchases are absolutely secure. Go viral with your campaigns when your coupons and discounts are shared through SMS. Be ready for sales opportunities when they arise with mobile phone credit card processing.

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