M-codes pave the way to continued customer loyalty

To build and maintain your base of loyal customers, it helps to think like a shopper. Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of fumbling through a handful of membership cards in order to get that 10th latte for free, while the barista waits, smiling patiently?

Give customers an easier way to redeem coupons and member discounts, and they’ll love you for it. Since most people usually have their mobile phone in hand anyway, what could be easier than simply presenting it to be scanned?

M-codes are the definitive customer loyalty solution

M-Codes are simply barcodes that can be scanned on a mobile phone to display information needed to redeem mobile coupons, SMS coupons, and customer loyalty rewards. M-Codes also allow mobile tickets to be purchased directly from any mobile phone, completely eliminating the need for paper tickets. M-tickets can be purchased up to the last minute before a show, so you won’t lose out on any impulse purchases.

M-codes help your business to

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Track customer activity, making follow-up easy
  • Increase revenue by capturing last minute sales
  • Eliminate touting – barcodes can’t be re-sold
  • Deliver tickets to your customers instantly
  • Reduce distribution costs
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Be green… save trees and reduce your carbon footprint

M-media farm makes set-up easy and affordable. We’ll provide the software and support, so you can concentrate on your customers.

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