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Malware and Virus Removal Service

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Malware and Virus Removal Service

Malware. Most people have heard of it but few know what it really is and how much damage it can cause your PC or even yourself. Malware, or Malicious Software to give it its full name, is a piece of software that’s downloaded often unknowingly by you and infects your PC. The purpose of malware is to stop your PC functioning as it should, collect personal information or display unwanted adverts.


Viruses are just one type of malware but are more well known by the public. The main feature of viruses – just like human viruses – is once started, a virus will replicate itself and spread throughout your system. Viruses can also transfer to any other connected devices or any contact you may have with another person through email.

Types of Malware

There are many different types of malware here are some that you might come across:


Adware is software that allows adverts to be displayed where you don’t want them. They may appear as pop-ups on your desktop, banner ads or clickable icons. Their purpose is to generate revenue for the person who made them when you click on the ads.


As its name would suggest, spyware installs software that spys on you and your PC. It tracks your internet usage and how you use your system. Keyloggers, a type of spyware record the keystrokes you make and are able to steal passwords and other sensitive information you type.

Trojan Horse

A trojan horse, like its mythical namesake is a software package hidden within a seemingly safe software package. Trojans may be programmed to steal information, takeover system resources or shut down certain systems.


Worms replicate them self and are designed to destroy data or eat up system resources.


This software will lock you out of your system until you pay the coder a fee, effectively ransoming your system.

Removing Malware From Your PC

While you can use free software to remove viruses and malware yourself, the results often aren’t good enough and don’t remove all the dangerous software. Or at worst, actually infect your PC with more malware than you started with. But if you can’t afford to pay for a professional malware and virus removal service then free software is better than nothing. Do make sure though that you’re getting it from a reputable source as it may cause more damage.

Professional Malware and Virus Removal Service

There’s no doubt that malware can be picked up from anywhere. Its often packaged with other software you may download, sent via email links, downloaded with music and video or even just installed through visiting fraudulent websites. Unfortunately, Malware is hard to avoid. But there is hope. By using a professional malware and virus removal service.

To make sure you get all the malware and viruses removed from your system you’ll want to invest in a professional malware and virus removal service. The services we offer will effectively clean your system from top to bottom giving you peace of mind that your system is safe and secure and so is your personal information.

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