Malware Removal from Hacked Websites

If your website has already been hacked, you need to address this fast. If you’re fortunate enough that Google and other Search Engines haven’t already blacklisted your site, then speed becomes all important, because once they do, it can be difficult and time consuming to get those warnings removed.

If you visited a website that infected your PC, would you do business with that company again?

The first step will be to identify and remove all the malware, spamware, adware, viruses and malicious scripts from your hacked website. The key to this is to restore the good content and remove the bad. Our immediate focus is to get your website back up and running as quickly as possible.

Once we’ve got you back up and running, the next important step is future prevention. We’ve partnered with some of the Industry’s leading security experts to provide a comprehensive 360 degree firewall that lets the good traffic in, but keeps the bad bots and spamsters out. Your Firewall will learn from how your online business works and adapt itself to your typical traffic trends. We’re so confident in our premium website firewalls, If in the extremely unlikely event that your site becomes compromised again, future malware and virus cleaning will be carried out free of charge. We are different than all other hack repair companies in the way that once your site has been cleaned our main next priority is to stop your site being hacked again.

Do we offer one off cleans for hacked websites?

Absolutely, we can offer a range of different solutions to match your needs. Our one off cleans come with a 30 day warranty, more than two weeks longer than most of our competition, but our vast experience in the industry tells us that once your website has been hacked, without ongoing protection, you are much more likely to be hacked again, even after the original hack has been fixed. Hackers like to return to the scene of their crimes and through their own illicit networks, tell others that you are vulnerable.

Do I need to protect my clean website, even though it has not been hacked?

Prevention is always better than cure. Although it’s not compulsory, think about it this way.. a comprehensive website firewall is like a fire alarm or security door for your online business. If your unprotected business was broken into, it interferes with its smooth running, stops you from earning money and can cause endless headaches. Our website security firewall is like your local friendly doorman, it lets the good people in, and keeps the bad people out… all whilst protecting your online reputation, keeping you away from Search Engine blacklists and maintaining your Google rankings.

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