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The New Media Farm is an skilled and innovative Web Design Agency with clients in Dromore and the surrounding regions. We offer innovative solutions for our clients to help them boost their online presence as well as create exciting user experiences. Our team includes experienced designers, developers and digital strategists with more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing, branding strategy, and advertising campaigns.

We understand that every business has specific needs in relation to web design projects within Dromore, which is why we offer tailored services for each customer.

We strive to create impactful websites that match the exact requirements of our customers and help them to reach their goals faster. Our aim is to assist businesses maximise their potential by leveraging the most advanced technologies while helping them increase their online visibility.

Here at The New Media Farm, we believe that a quality website is vital to business success in the present. We employ cutting-edge methods and tools designed to create stunning visuals, functional designs that convert visitors into buyers, as well as effective strategies targeted at increasing search engine rankings. Our team of experts blends imagination with technical knowledge to deliver captivating experiences that yield amazing results every time.

We understand that keeping up with the ever-changing technology can be difficult for businesses, which is why we are here to assist you throughout the process. With our extensive knowledge of different platforms, we can quickly create a custom solution that is perfect for your business. Whatever your project will require, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that The New Media Farm will be able to meet all your Dromore web design needs efficiently and effectively.

Creative Brand Design

We offer creativity and creative web design to businesses within Dromore and the surrounding region. We have years of experience in helping businesses design stunning websites that draw new customers as well as increase brand recognition. Our web design team are specialists in the most current technology for websites and utilize various methods to ensure your web design is tailored specifically for your business.

We understand how web-based design is complex Our web designers make sure that every element is in order. We also provide support to our clients once their site is launched, helping them to resolve any issues with their website or changes required later on. Our web designers employ various techniques like responsive design, custom coding, and CMS implementation to create websites that satisfy the requirements of our customers. We also focus on creating pleasant user experiences by optimizing the speed of websites, providing the best search engine optimization (SEO) as well as making sure that all websites are visually appealing.

The New Media Farm has worked with numerous businesses across different industries to create web designs that exceed expectations. Our dedication to creative web design sets us apart among other firms in Dromore as we strive to create unique websites that capture the essence of each company’s branding. Our web designers take pride in creating websites that boost traffic to their sites and engage users with stunning images and engaging features. With our help you can design an impressive website for your business that encourages growth and achieves success.

Skip Hire Web Design

Skip hire companies need to have a website which is distinct from other websites and, more importantly, is ranked highly in search engines for a variety of keywords. We design custom web design solutions specifically to meet the requirements of skip hire companies.

We begin by getting you established with a professional-looking homepage and then work on developing easy-to-use navigation tools that make it simple for visitors to browse through your products and services. We employ SEO methods to increase the visibility of your website in search engines so potential customers can easily find your business online. Users will typically only search until they are on the first page of Google so it’s crucial that your website is optimised and highly ranked.

We take into consideration the most recent developments in web design to ensure that your Skip Hire website looks modern and attractive to visitors. We are able to blend visuals with effective strategies designed to encourage user interaction and convert visitors into customers. By having The New Media Farm looking after your Skip Hire web design requirements You’ll be certain of getting an Internet presence that is effective!

If you’re looking for an experienced team of web designers to create a Skip Hire website that drives the engagement of customers and offers a superior user experience then look no further than The New Media Farm! Contact us now for more details.


We are determined to go above and beyond standard WordPress design services by incorporating revolutionary features like calendars, form builders, and social media integrations to your site. With our cutting edge technology and personal attention to specifics, your site will look stunning and usable on any device or browser. Our team of experienced WordPress experts will make sure that your site exceeds expectations in terms of functionality and performance.

Our team is WordPress CMS experts. WordPress is one of the largest and most well-known open-source content management system available and is the engine behind over 35% of the websites on the internet. Our WordPress specialists are experts in creating custom WordPress to deliver an effective and user-friendly experience for our clients. We recognize that it’s important to create a site that is secure, fast and optimized for search engine rankings.

Our WordPress designs include theme customization, coding as well as the development of plugins, pages speed optimisation, visual design and branding as well as content creation, SEO optimization and much other. Our WordPress designers are able to modify WordPress to give you all the features you require to have a modern web presence – from mobile-friendly features to shopping carts and memberships. We’re dedicated to creating solutions that are tailored specifically to meet your needs and preferences while staying on top of the ever-evolving WordPress platform.

the Hidden Costs to Offshore Web Design

When considering the costs related to designing websites it is crucial to take into account not only upfront costs but as well the hidden costs associated with offshore website design. Offshore web hosting can offer appealing cost savings at first but usually at a much higher price in terms of reliability and quality.

A major and common hidden costs is communication issues. Working with an offshore team makes it challenging to get your message through effectively due to language and culture obstacles. If there’s any miscommunication or miscommunications with your overseas team it could lead to significant delays in project completion as well as costly revisions and additional work that was not originally scheduled for.

Not only can communication issues add to the total cost, but they could cause a lack of accountability. Offshore web designers might not be as involved in the project like an onshore team and can result in poor quality work and frequent errors. This can cost you both time and money when it comes to the completion of your project and ongoing maintenance.

Another unintentional cost of offshore website design is the issue of scalability. If you need additional features for your site or require more advanced functionality, it will likely be difficult for an offshore team to give you this degree of customization. This may mean having to hire multiple teams from different countries, which can be very costly and time consuming.

In conclusion, there are many cost-savings associated with employing an offshore team for web design that companies should be aware of in order to make the right decision. If you’re looking for an organization that can provide high-quality reliable web design services at an affordable price look into the New Media Farm. Our skilled web designers offer customised solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs. Contact us on 0207 998 4197 or email for more information.

By taking all these hidden costs into consideration when making decisions about the design of websites Businesses can stay clear of unwelcome surprises and save time as well as money in the long run.

If you’re located in London and looking for high-quality and trustworthy web design services at an reasonable prices contact the New Media Farm today! Contact us on 0207 998 4197 or email to find out more. We would love to hear from you.

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