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The New Media Farm is an expert and imaginative Web Design Agency with clients from Castlerock and the surrounding regions. We provide innovative solutions to our clients to assist them in enhancing their online presence as well as create captivating user experiences. Our team is comprised of highly experienced designers, developers and digital strategists who have more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, brand strategy and advertising campaigns.

We understand that every business has specific needs in relation to web design projects within Castlerock, which is why we provide customised services for each customer.

We strive to create impactful websites that meet the specific requirements of our customers and help them to achieve their goals faster. Our mission is to help businesses maximise their potential using latest technologies, while also helping them improve their exposure on the internet.

At The New Media Farm, we believe that having a fantastic website is essential for any company’s success in the present. We use advanced tools and techniques designed to create stunning images and functional designs that turn visitors into buyers, as well as effective strategies aimed at improving results on search engines. Our team combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver exciting experiences that deliver impressive results each time.

We are also aware that keeping up with the constantly evolving technology can be a challenge for companies, which is the reason we guide you every step of the way. With our experience with a variety of platforms, we can easily customise a solution to suit your business. No matter what kind of project you may require, you can be confident the fact that The New Media Farm will be able to meet every one of your Castlerock web design needs efficiently and effectively.

Creative Brand Design

We offer creativity and creative web design to businesses in Castlerock and the surrounding region. We have years of experience helping companies create stunning websites that attract new customers and boost the visibility of their brand. Our web design team are knowledgeable about the most recent web technologies and use different techniques to ensure that your website design is tailored specifically for your business.

We are aware the fact that designing websites can be a bit complicated, so our web designers ensure that every aspect is flawless. We also offer support to our clients once their site is up and running, helping in any technological issues, or changes needed down the line. Our web designers employ different techniques like responsive design, custom coding and CMS implementation to create websites that are able to meet the needs of our clients. We also focus on creating pleasant user experiences by optimising website speed as well as providing search engine optimization (SEO), and making sure that every website is visually pleasing.

New Media Farm New Media Farm has worked with multiple businesses across a range of industries to produce web designs that exceed expectations. Our dedication to creative web design differentiates us against other companies with the same Castlerock as we strive to produce unique projects that reflect the essence of each business’s brand identity. Our web designers take great pride in creating websites that increase conversions and engage visitors with high-quality visuals and interactive features. With our assistance, you can build a powerful website for your business that encourages growth and achieves success.

Castlerock Driveway Company Web Design

A Driveway Company needs an effective web presence to take its business to the next level. A professionally designed website allows customers to browse your services and makes them aware of the choices offered in their local area.

At The New Media Farm, we understand how important it is to have Driveway Company Web Design, therefore we collaborate closely along with Driveway Companies to design websites that are tailored to meet their specific business requirements. We consider factors such as Driveway Company’s brand identity and objectives, the target audience, and more while creating Driveway Company Website designs that distinguish themselves from other websites and have a positive impact on customers.

We apply our knowledge of web concepts to produce appealing visuals and practical designs that convert visitors into customers quickly. We also utilise the latest techniques for responsive web design that provide users with a smooth experience on any device, tablets, desktops or phones. Our knowledgeable team is also able to provide.

We apply our knowledge of web concepts to produce appealing visuals and practical designs that convert visitors into customers quickly. We also utilise the latest techniques for responsive web design that provide users with a smooth experience on any device, tablets, desktops or phones. Our knowledgeable team is also able to provide.

The New Media Farm, we have extensive experience developing websites that are specifically designed for Driveway Companies. We understand how important that it’s for Driveways businesses to create an impact online so attractive site, with galleries that is easy to manage and understand how the New Media Farm can help.


We shoot in the resolution that is required from our customers, from HD to 4k, and every image is immediately available for download after shooting. Each image is also professionally edited prior to delivery to ensure that each image is flawless.

Our equipment for photography is state of the art to ensure that, no matter what your project entails you’ll receive professional images that look amazing regardless of the platform or device. Our photography can make your website stand out and give it a modern edge over competitors! With New Media Farm Photography services you won’t need to think about taking pictures yourself. Just relax and let us do the task for you.

We recognize how important professional Photography services when it comes to creating a successful website or online presence. We are pleased to provide Photography services that are specifically designed for websites. Our photography services are designed to satisfy any requirements you may need, from candid photos for personal websites and business portfolios, to product photography for an ecommerce store.

Our team of professional photographers has years working experience with commercial Photography and will collaborate together with you closely to ensure that your work is on-brand and on-message and that the photos used portray your business in the most professional light.

the Hidden Costs to Offshore Web Design

When considering the costs that go into designing websites, it’s important to consider not just the upfront costs, but also hidden costs associated with offshore web design. Offshore web services can provide attractive cost savings initially but usually with a higher cost in terms of quality and reliability.

The most common hidden costs is issues with communication. The fact that you work with an off-shore team can make it difficult to get your message through effectively due to language and culture obstacles. If there’s any miscommunication or communication issues among your team members from offshore this can lead to significant delays in project completion as well as expensive revisions and work that was not originally scheduled for.

Not only can communication issues contribute to the overall cost, but they can cause an absence of accountability. Offshore website designers may not be as invested in the project as a team from onshore and can result in poor quality work and frequent errors. This can cost you time and money in relation to the completion of your project and ongoing maintenance.

Another cost hidden in offshore website design concerns scaling. If you need additional features for your site or require more complex functionality, it will likely not be possible for an off-shore team to give you this level of customisation. This could result in having hiring numerous teams from different countries, which can be costly and time consuming.

In the end there are numerous hidden costs associated with using an offshore web design team that companies should be aware of in order to make the right decision. If you’re looking for an organization that can provide top-quality reliable web design solutions at an affordable price think about New Media Farm. New Media Farm. Our web designers are experienced and provide customized solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact us on 0207 998 4197 or email for more information.

In taking these hidden costs into account when making decisions about the design of websites companies can steer clear of any unwanted surprise costs and save time and money over the long haul.

If you’re in London and looking for high-quality and trustworthy web design services at an an affordable price, get in touch with New Media Farm. New Media Farm today! Contact us on 0207 998 4197 or email to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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