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Modern day business promotion is much more than just taking out an ad in the sunday supplement or listing your business in the local phone book or directory. The massive massive multiplication of communication lines in the the last couple of decades has made promotion more difficult and yet more profitable than ever before. Now there are a dozen ways that potential customers can discover your business…it sounds obvious but quite often the internet is overlooked.

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When Direct Wholesale Foods found us through Google, they handed us quite a challenge. They had no presence on the Internet at all. They had no website, no Facebook page, not even a holding page, nor a map to their premises. On top of that, they were selling in a very competitive environment up against well established competition. Their biggest concern was that a major player in the wholesale foods market started moving into their territory. Now DWF are no newbees to the market, (they celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2012), but outside of their existing catchment area, they were pretty much unknown. DWF’s goal was to establish a web presence as good as their competitors, but we decided to go that one step further.

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Clearly DWF have the best looking website in the industry, its vibrant, friendly, easily navigatable and the products are displayed in a way that pleases both DWF’s customers and the major brands who own them. But getting down to the nitty gritty, product sales are up year on year, and what’s most telling is that sales of freezers have increased 27% within their existing catchment area, and 220% in markets they have previously failed to crack. They are first place on Google with some of the main keywords and on the first page for the majority of the rest. It’s an ongoing process and we could not be happier working with these guys. This is what we do at New Media Farm… We have the skills and knowledge to operate across the spectrum of modern business promotion and take any business from zero to hero in a any potential market, so contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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