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New Media Farm New Media Farm is a Web Design Company, offering an expert and innovative way of Web Design for businesses throughout Killough its surrounding areas. As an Web Design Company, we know that our clients have a variety of backgrounds; from tiny startup companies trying to get their company online as well as large corporations who want to enhance their current digital presence.

We aim to provide every customer with Web Design services tailored towards their specific needs. We focus on designing websites that meet those requirements precisely.

Our team consists of Web Designers as well as Web Developers, and Digital Strategists who are dedicated to providing creative solutions to businesses in order to boost your online visibility. On top of this, we also have over two decades of experience in other related fields such as Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy and advertising Campaigns All of which help companies to achieve great results and measurable successes.

We’re proud of being able to offer Web Design services in Killough that perfectly match the expectations of our clients and stay current with the latest trends. Our aim is always to create engaging user experiences through the application of the latest technology, top-quality design concepts, stunning images and flawless functionality. We believe that a site designed by us will help you connect with your customers more effectively both locally and internationally.

The New Media Farm The New Media Farm, we strive to go above and beyond in everything we do – ensuring our clients who are in Killough receive the best possible service every step of the process. We are a committed Web Design agency covering Killough and its surrounding area, you can trust us to carry your project from concept through completion with honor and distinction.

Our Website Design Process

At New Media Farm, we are experts in web design who provide web solutions for businesses in Killough and beyond. We design and build websites that is focused on creating an attractive and engaging website that represents your company’s vision, mission and core values. We use a combination of best practices, intuitive technology, and creative web design techniques to produce websites that look good and perform optimally.

Our team takes the time to learn about your company’s story starting with its brand’s logo, color scheme and to the type of message you wish to convey. We employ our web design abilities and expertise to create an engaging website experience that allows you to stand out from the competition. We don’t just rely on templates – rather we tailor a unique website tailored to your business’s specific needs with consideration of your intended audience.

We are WordPress Agency experts with years of experience in web design. We utilize open source software such as WordPress so you could have the option of keeping control over your website after the launch. We will collaborate with you throughout the whole web design process, ensuring that all details are perfect before launching your website publicly on the Internet.

At the New Media Farm we strive not only to provide the best web design but also to provide excellent customer service. Every client will have an assigned project manager who will make sure your website will be completed within the timeframe and budget. By utilising our experience of web-based development SEO optimization, E-commerce platform, and more, we ensure user satisfaction for all those looking for web-based services for Killough or surrounding area companies alike.

Killough Website Design For Tradesmen

As a Tradesmen web presence is essential for the growth of your company. A well-designed website can assist you to develop relationships with potential customers as well as showcase your services and help build trust in my brand through online reviews and enhanced online reputation management. With a beautiful, user-friendly design, we’re able to provide customers with an easy way to access information on Tradeepeoples businesses and their services.

With photographs and other images on the website of Traders, Tradesmen are also able to showcase the high-quality of their work. Furthermore, having a website for Tradesmen allows customers to get in touch quickly and conveniently. With our New Media Farm’s design services, we’re capable of creating websites for Tradesmen that help them distinguish themselves from other businesses and connect with more potential customers.

Tradesmen benefit from having a great looking website that reflects their message of brand and gives customers all the necessary information needed to make a choice about who to hire for their project needs.


Our WordPress agency is also aware of how to optimize web content to rank well on search engines. Every website requires a solid SEO strategy in order succeed on the internet, and our copywriting services will ensure that your website is optimised with relevant keywords so search engines are able to easily locate your site. We also include compelling calls to action throughout webpages so visitors are encouraged to take action on your website.

When you require copywriting for a new website or for existing pages, our talented copywriters can help you tell your story in a captivating way that resonates with the people you want to reach. With years expertise in website design and development, WordPress development and SEO optimization, our team will help you write compelling copy that will yield results for any business.

Copywriting is among the most important aspects of web design which is why here at New Media Farm we take seriously the importance of copywriting. Our skilled copywriters know the importance of making use of words to create effective web experiences that engage clients and convert leads. We believe that a great web design only achieves the fullest potential when paired with persuasive and compelling copy.

As an experienced web design agency, we know that there’s much other to writing copy than just creating web content. It’s about developing a distinctive voice for your business by telling your tale in a captivating manner that is able to resonate with your audience. Our copywriters have the skillset to do just this to create high-converting website pages, to writing vibrant blog posts or even making memorable taglines. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and talents to help you communicate your message effectively.

A Leading Web Design Agency

ANew Media Farm New Media Farm is one of the most reputable web design agencies. With our experienced team of web developers, designers, as well as digital strategists, can rest assured that we will provide you with a website that is tailored to your specific needs. Our team combines creativity with technical expertise to create beautiful images and designs that convert visitors into buyers, while also helping businesses to increase their visibility on the web.

We understand the importance of having a good website. is vital to business success today, so we aim to build powerful websites that are specifically designed to meet every customer’s requirements. If it’s using SEO strategies or following methods for responsive web design Our goal is to assist businesses in reaching their goals more quickly by leveraging the most recent technologies. We’re well-versed in the latest techniques and trends for web design, meaning you can trust us to provide you with a website that is trendy and current.

The New Media Farm The New Media Farm we believe that your website should be as distinctive as your business, so our team collaborates with each client to design custom solutions that make an impact. If you’re looking for a high-quality, professional website design agency who can provides services to your business with Killough, look no further than The New Media Farm. Our experienced team is ready to help bring your business into the digital age with ease – get in touch today by filling out our short enquiry form here, email us on or call our team now on 0207 998 4197.

We are a digital agency creating outstanding user experiences that deliver results from initial strategy to creation.

Our diverse team of specialists see things differently, fancy working with us? Get in touch by following the button below and let’s get started.

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